Tenderness at my doorstep

5 april 2011 | Door |

I so much appreciate big little acts of kindness or human warmth. They never cease to touch my heart.

Picture this one, just five minutes ago:
I am standing in front of the window, sipping coffee. Dorje, my youngest son of 6 months, just went to sleep in the sling that is over my shoulder. A van stops outside, out comes a mailman. I walk silently to the frontdoor, meeting the man when he steps unto the porch. He takes a look, hands me the package and gestures “I will close the door for you”. He radiates care, understanding, support, while doing his job.

Somehow the presence of young children seems to support a tender quality of connection and communication. I celebrate this ability to go through our daily activities with power, with confidence, with energy ánd tenderness towards others!

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